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Producing Creative Technicians 

Our beliefs at PCT Coaching

The game is getting quicker and therefore the importance of quicker decision making and technical proficiency is ever increasing. Practice makes permanent and we believe that falling in love with and being confident with the ball is of vital importance.

Creating and developing confident, expressive and exciting players with a range of skills, and combinations with the ability to twist and turn efficiently and play off both sides is something we develop.


Our wonderful staff have vast experience and knowledge in the game. Each an expert in their own right, they bring a range of methods, expertise and style that helps individuals flourish. With a range of skills and experience across professional playing careers from the Premier League to the National League to International playing experience, our Coaches also have experience in developing Coaches. Academic experience and qualifications including a MSc, BSc, university and college teaching.

1-2-1 Sessions

We believe that each player is different and unique, therefore our 1-2-1 sessions are fully tailored to the developmental needs of the individual. Focusing on long term holistic development across the physical, technical, psychological and social corners. Our bespoke sessions are position specific and cater for the technical and tactical requirements of the modern day game.

Group Sessions

Our group sessions offer the chance to develop the individual in an opposed setting with high intensity sessions. Dominating the 1vs1 both in and out of possession, our group sessions allow for like minded people to test themselves in a range of situations.

Coach Mentoring

Looking for that extra edge in your coaching development? Look no further, our Coach Mentoring is fully tailored to you as an individual to help support your journey in the game.

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